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Science doesn’t only live in labs. It’s alive in the everyday, in all the ordinary, extraordinary, seemingly inexplicable things people do.

From fighting disease to understanding conflict to working towards ending racism, the social sciences can explain why we do what we do and find ways to positively influence the world. You’ll learn to observe, analyze, and take the long view. You’ll conduct field research and apply technology to more astutely explain human behavior. Work together to find solutions for what ails society. Where do you want to start?

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Community Economics

Graduate with honors and help your community along the way. The Economic Analysis of Community Issues is a capstone research series that gives economics students experience in applying theory to real-world issues while fulfilling the departmental honors research requirement. You’ll spend two terms diving into a locally important topic such as juvenile justice center referrals, public transit revenue, or housing affordability. At the end of your project, your research will provide the local community or state real answers to important questions.

Kristin Yarris

Kristin Yarris

Associate Professor, Global Studies

As director of the Global Health Program, Kristin faced a challenge when COVID-19 struck. Students were unable to travel and earn field experience—two requirements for the global health minor. Her courses typically involve experiential learning and community outreach, especially in Spanish-speaking communities. Her solution? An online internship that featured interactive approaches to the topic of culture, helping students learn about the pandemic while contributing their energy to the community. Kristin was honored with a 2021 Tykeson Teaching Award for her adaptability.

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