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In today’s world, business isn’t just about business. It’s about cultures and collaboration, the environment, the economy, and the world.

It’s an intersection where unstoppable forces crash into immovable objects—where calamities must be averted and opportunities are everywhere, ready to be seized. This is where we live, evaluate, work together—not only to assemble our careers, but to make sure our careers have an impact on the world around us.

Majors and Concentrations
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration with concentrations in:
    • Finance
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing
    • Operations and Business Analytics
    • Sports Business
of Lundquist College graduates achieved a positive career outcome within six months after graduation

Masters in Four

With AP or IB credit, earn a bachelor’s degree in three years and a master’s degree in one additional year. The Lundquist College of Business offers two 3+1 options:

Accounting 3+1: Earn your master of accounting degree.

Finance 3+1: Earn your master of science in finance degree.

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Hanna Conchas

Hanna Conchas

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Class: 2020

Hanna said the University of Oregon has always been her dream school because of the amazing school spirit, the unique diversity on campus, and the great academic opportunities. As a first-year student, she seized the opportunity to live in the Business Academic Residential Community, which pairs like-minded students interested in business with dedicated on-site programs, activities, and advising to jumpstart their academic and professional development.

Professor Lauren Lanahan sitting for a headshot in a photo studio

Lauren Lanahan

Assistant Professor, Management

Awarded an undergraduate teaching award, Lauren mentors business majors through the required capstone course. She runs a tight ship: phones off and laptops shut. Participation is 25 percent of their grade. She pushes students’ comfort zones and challenges them to find their voice. Her goal? That every student learns to think critically, feels empowered and confident, and develops professionalism to make them successful after graduation.

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