Computer and Data Sciences

Computer and Data Sciences

The newly formed School of Computer and Data Sciences is a hub of research and innovation that will connect you to the limitless potential of technology.

Whether in computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, or software development, prepare yourself for a rewarding career in almost any industry by choosing one of our computer science concentrations. You’ll have opportunities to develop your skills outside of the classroom, including internships, research labs, and student group projects.

Using a holistic framework, the data science program teaches you how to make sense of big data, from extraction to analysis and communication of the results. By learning how to apply analytical thinking and quantitative skills to your chosen domain area, you’ll be equipped for a profession that follows your passion. 

Computer and Data Science     Computer and Data Science Majors

Portrait of Ram Durairajan

Ram Durairajan

Assistant professor of Computer Science

As the co-director of the Oregon Networking Research Group, Ram is always looking for better ways to connect. From mitigating the impacts of climate change and natural disasters on internet connectivity to stopping denial of service threats by rerouting data paths, Ram’s research focuses on how to make networks stronger. And with 11 undergraduates currently assisting with his research, Ram is working on making the next generation of computer scientists stronger too. 

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Portrait of Ethan Dinh

Ethan Dinh

Major: Computer Science (Clark Honors College)
Hometown: Happy Valley, Oregon

Ethan was on a clear path to medical school when he arrived at the UO. That is, until he started looking for research opportunities at the Knight Campus and found the Guldberg Musculoskeletal Lab. Through his work in the lab, he found a way to combine a talent for data and computer science with his passion for helping people. Now, Ethan’s looking for ways to help the helpers: he’s developing an injectable alternative to bone grafts and working to apply machine learning and AI to improve how doctors diagnose and treat patients.

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