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We teach elementary and secondary teachers to teach better. We also train administrators and counselors, school psychologists and family therapists, human service providers and clinicians.

US News and World Report has ranked our special education program number three in the nation for 20 years running. When it comes to research, our impact on educational and social systems is felt far and wide. If you learned to read in the US in the past 50 years, our curriculum probably taught you how. Together, our faculty and students are finding new ways to help people, especially kids, reach their full potential.

Countless hours of service

Family and human services students have contributed thousands of hours of fieldwork into the Eugene area and Lane County since 1998, equal to millions of dollars in staff services.

In the nation among public institutions by US News and World Report

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Hedco Clinic

This state-of-the-art university training clinic offers children and families behavioral health services, hosting more than 8,000 client appointments a year. Students seeking careers as couples and family therapists, speech language pathologists, and counseling and school psychologists gain practical experience. For families, the clinic offers one space to access many different services. The setting is also customized for our groundbreaking research on concussion management and recovery, speech pathology, stroke patients, and more.

Ilana Umansky

Ilana Umansky

Associate professor of Educational Leadership

Ilana’s leadership and contributions to educational policy research for immigrant and multilingual students have had tremendous societal impact. Her research has served to increase educational opportunities and appropriate access to curricular content and instruction among students classified as English language learners and has been instrumental in policy development and in changing California law.

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