Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

There’s something about Eugene that makes it more than a little special. Walkable, bikeable, skateable. But also modern, totally connected, and vibrant. It’s kind of perfect—an extraordinary academic community surrounded by a quintessential college town. It’s alive with music, culture, food, art, and just the right amount of weird to keep things interesting.

safest city for people who ride bikes in the united states
A student in a blue jacket, backpack, green and yellow umbrella, walking on a pathway past some trees

Liquid Sunshine

Rain—it comes and goes as it pleases around here. We don't mind. To Ducks, rain isn't just rain. It's liquid sunshine. It keeps everything fresh, lush, and green.

Don't worry, we have other weather, too. We're outside year-round becuase of it (and sometimes in spite of it). Balmy summers with lots of sun, cool but not bitterly cold winters, and every once in a while, a nice dusting of snow.

Days with Precipitation

Stack chart showing days of precipitation: 60% no rain, 20% light rain, 10% rain, 7% heavy rain, 2% snow, 1% thunderstorms

Eugene has warm, dry summers, misty falls, rainy winters, and foggy springs. It hardly ever snows and there's enough sun to grow tomatoes!

Inches of Annual Rainfall
Bar chart showing inches of annual rainfall: Atlanta 55 inches, Chicago 33 inches, Eugene 44 inches, Houston 55 inches, New York 46 inches, Orlando 58 inches, Washington DC 40 inches

It does rain here, no doubt, but we get less rain than many other cities in the US.

The average high temperature
in October is
in January is
in April is
in june is

Our Neighborhood

Whether you are visiting for a weekend or making Eugene your new home, there's plenty to do close by. This map shows popular locations and activities with their distance from campus. Where will you explore next?

Map of Eugene area showing distance from UO to attractions and services
On Campus:
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Museum of Natural and Cultural History
In Eugene:
Restaurants and cafes less than a mile away
Hendricks Park (1 mile)
Fifth Street Market (1.1 miles)
Saturday Market (1.1 miles)
Autzen Stadium (1.4 miles)
Hult Center (1.3 miles)
River Bike Path (just north of campus)
Spencer Butte (5.1 miles south)
Mount Pisgah (6.6 miles southeast)
Eugene Airport (9.7 miles northwest)
Salt Creek Falls (62.7 miles southeast)
Tamolitch Blue Pool (69.3 miles east)
Heceta Lighthouse (73.3 miles west)

Why UO

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