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A national leader in architecture, art, and community planning, the College of Design is a unique interdisciplinary community driven by curiosity and experimentation to find solutions to today’s challenges.

Our programs are premier destinations in their fields—architecture leading the nation in sustainability; art known for its innovative approaches; and planning, public policy and management preparing future community leaders. At the College of Design, you’ll discover how to become a world-class creative and find ways to improve the lives of people, their cities, and the environment everywhere.

Photo above: Product design students work on a prototype for a commuter bike helmet in their senior studio course.

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Head shot portrait of Finley Heeb

Finley Heeb

Majors: Planning, Public Policy, and Management 
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Finley fell in love with planning and the role of alternative transportation early in their college career, drawn to the concept of bettering the environment, not just for one’s self but for the broader community. A bike-focused study abroad sealed the deal. Finley studies transportation planning and also lives it, opting for busing, biking, and walking rather than driving a car. They also served as the project manager for LiveMove, the UO’s Transportation and Livability Student Group. After graduation, Finley hopes to land a job as a transportation planner.

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