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Whether just across campus or around the world, the UO offers numerous ways for students to customize their international experience.

The College of Arts and Sciences has integrated several departments and programs to create the School of Global Studies and Languages. In addition to their academic courses, students can apply their knowledge and skills through experiential learning opportunities in Oregon, across the US, and abroad. There are additional international opportunities for any student, regardless of their major. Almost one-quarter of all UO students study abroad, with financial aid and scholarships bringing this possibility within reach. Internships and certificates can expand a student's qualifications for post-graduation possibilities. For those who choose to stay closer to home, there are still ways to connect in a worldview way, including residential communities and cross-cultural programs.

Photo above: Visit Crete, Greece during your Greek Food and Culture study abroad trip.

School of Global Studies and Languages

Boasting a student-centered approach that connects social sciences, humanities, and language learning, the School of Global Studies and Languages (GSL) combines the expertise of more than 100 UO faculty members, to engage students in diverse cultures, languages, and histories across the world. GSL prepares students for various global experiences, immersive approaches to learning languages, and opportunities to learn outside the classroom that will lead to real-world careers.

School of Global Studies and Languages   GSL Programs

Languages offered in person
Languages ranked nationally in the top 10 for degrees awarded
Core faculty members
Dr. Lesley Jo Weaver standing on a grass lawn, pine trees in the background.

Lesley Jo Weaver, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology
School of Global Studies and Languages

Lesley Jo Weaver is a medical anthropologist who has worked for more than 20 years in India and Brazil. Her work explores how people experience and cope with distress differently across cultures, how distress intersects with chronic diseases, and how structural inequalities shape those experiences. She teaches courses on intercultural communication, research methods, global mental health, global racism, and Asian area studies. As part of the leadership in the School of Global Studies and Languages, Jo has helped form the interdisciplinary curriculum—including courses that prepare students for the challenges of traveling and living abroad. She speaks Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese.

Find Your Place in the World

The Division of Global Engagement gives students an academic connection to the university through a global lens.

As part of the UO's commitment to the educational development, personal growth, and professional competitiveness of all Ducks, global engagement plays a vital role in academic excellence. By moving outside of known cultures and norms, exposure to other worldviews broadens personal awareness. Studying abroad is one way to achieve this, but there are also many opportunities on our own campus, where students can interact cross-culturally and get global exposure, locally.

Photo Above: Enjoy culture while participating in the Mexican Studies and Spanish Immersion program in Querétaro, Mexico.

Division of Global Engagement

Riley Farrell and Bretten Farrell standing for a picture. Behind them, a stone wall, then a hillside town on the right, and the ocean on the left.

Riley and Bretten Farrell

Major: Business Administration
Minor: Economics

Riley and Bretten have always had the desire to travel and learn more about other cultures. After enrolling at the UO, the twin brothers attended an information session about studying abroad through Global Education Oregon. Both majoring in business administration, they chose to study wine marketing in Siena, Italy, for a summer term. In addition to learning about sustainable marketing, intercultural communication, and wine management, they were able to travel throughout Italy and immerse themselves in the culture, history, and cuisine of many Italian regions.

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GEO, The Starting Point for All International Experiences

Whether you want to take academic courses, land an internship, or immerse yourself in field research, there is a study abroad program to fit every major.

While Ducks can choose from hundreds of programs and universities around the world, Global Education Oregon (GEO for short) also offers four unique GEO Centers—two in Spain, one in Italy, and one in the United Kingdom. The Pre-Freshman Studies programs in London and Sienna give students the opportunity to begin their global experience before setting foot on campus. In addition to offering courses and programs, GEO Centers serve as a home base for UO students and faculty members, where staff provide orientation, organize excursions, and arrange housing. Do you want an international experience, but don't know where to go or what to study? GEO's program coordinators offer advising appointments to discuss all your options.

Global Education Oregon Programs Advising

Portrait of Amaya Clark throwing an O

Amaya Clark

Major: Human Physiology, Global Health minor
Hometown: Vallejo, California

Amaya has a love for helping others, so when given the opportunity to lean into her passion with study abroad, she knew this was going to be a life-changing experience. Amaya enriched her appreciation and perspective on healthcare workers while interning in the maternity ward at a Ghanian hospital—further fueling her excitement for nursing. While participating in the Global Health, Development and Service-learning study abroad program, she was able to immerse herself in the examination of contemporary issues facing Ghanian society through hands-on-service. When Amaya wasn’t in the hospital or classroom, she found herself exploring the environment and people; she adventured the impressive coast, hiked Ghana’s tallest peak, Mt. Afadja, and learned the process of making the Ghanian staple cuisine, fufu.

Engage with International Students Without Leaving Campus


International Student and Scholar Services

Offers international peer mentoring, conversation groups, and opportunities for short-term homestays for new international students.

American English Institute

Partners with UO undergraduate and graduate students to provide services to students needing English support.

Global Studies Institute

Encourages interdisciplinary and cross-regional research, curriculum development, and community outreach in international programs and projects, as well as initiatives on campus.

Accelerate Chinese Learning

The Chinese Flagship Program at the UO provides inclusive academic and scholarship support for students to develop professional-level proficiency in Chinese while studying any academic major of their choice. Flagship students gain valuable professional experience during the internship portion of the Flagship Capstone year in China. Flagship students who complete the Capstone year also gain national certification and an international professional network that often opens unexpected doors in their career paths. Flagship graduates are certified global professionals who go on to exciting careers in private and public sectors, in fields such as diplomacy, business, health, public policy, and research.

Chinese Flagship


Live Here to Plan Your Journey

The Global Engagement Academic Residential Community offers a complete academic, social, and cultural experience.

Create strong bonds with your peers and envision where you want to go in the world. As a resident of the Global Engagement ARC, you will engage with diverse cultures, languages, histories, and perspectives. Students will take a common course throughout the year, in addition to their main areas of study. No matter your major, you'll receive help planning your study abroad, applying for scholarships and internships, and identifying opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and research—all assisted by faculty members and staff who share your desire to expand beyond borders.

Academic Residential Communities

Profile photo of Sarah Bathke

Sarah Bathke

Majors: Linguistics and Journalism Pre-Major

For Sarah it's all about community. As a member of the Global Engagement Academic Residential Community, she's building relationships with other students who share a common interest. By living and studying with peers who also want to work internationally, Sarah has been able to expand her world view. The way the world connects through language fascinates Sarah, which is why she was drawn to major in linguistics. Sarah is studying Korean, and plans to take Mandarin, as well. She hopes to study abroad and intern in South Korea, with the goal of eventually moving and working there after graduation.

The Certificate in Global Business

Global certificates give students from all majors the preparation needed to accept a job internationally and appreciate the different cultural values, economies, and communication styles of our vast and varied business world.

The Certificate in Global Business is for any student who wants to be prepared to accept a job internationally. Open to students in all University of Oregon majors, the program emphasizes appreciation of the different cultural values, economies, and communication styles of our vast and varied business world.

Certificate in Global Business

Profile photo of Dr. Farhad Malekafzali

Farhad Malekafzali, PhD

Instructor of Marketing, Lundquist College of Business

Farhad Malekafzali is an instructor in the Lundquist College of Business who focuses on international business, business law, and ethics. Farhad has a doctoral degree in political science and a strong expertise in foreign policy. Through the coursework required to earn the certificate in global business, Farhad prepares students to work in a field where success increasingly depends on respecting cultural norms and understanding how globalization impacts people and business strategies.

Apply for Financial Aid to Study Abroad

You must be admitted to a study abroad program to be eligible for a financial aid adjustment.

Study Abroad Financial Aid


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